Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm finally blogging.

For months, I've been wanting to start blogging. Since my daughter Mia arrived in April '08, I've come across many great resources - baby accessories, kids stores, play locations, kids services - and I'm often so excited by what I find that I want to share it with other moms and families.

The first thing I should blog about is my own web site: I launched in Fall 2001. The idea for some sort of network for parents about kids' activities first occured to me several years before the site launched, when I worked in marketing at Brookfield Zoo. Up until the birth of my daughter, I produced the site on the side of other full-time jobs. I've built it into a highly trafficked site, and it was even named one of "Chicago's Best Web Sites" by Chicago Magazine last year.

Finally, I'm actually not just compiling family information, but I'm also using it for my own family. I'm getting to experience firsthand many of the places that I promote on my site, and when I come across places or things that I love, I want to share the information with others.

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