Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to Blogging

As someone with a background in internet marketing, having advised numerous big brand clients how critical it is to really BLOG if you're going to start a blog, it's quite embarrassing that I have not written in over a month! My last post was right before our first airplane ride with Mia - overseas - and I could legitimately say that we've been recovering ever since. That trip is a long story - involving an overbooked flight, Mia having two 2-hour nuclear meltdowns on the overseas flight and vomiting on 2 complete strangers (and on my husband), our luggage arriving more than 24 hours after we did, ten days of a very cranky jetlagged baby, and a return trip with Mia all by myself. There's plenty more. You know it's bad when the airline provides you with a complimentary scotch on the rocks.

At any rate, we're back now and getting ready for winter, and I realize that trips to the park aren't going to be happening quite so often in the cold weather. So I'm making a commitment to get Mia out of the house so that we can check out new places to go with kids around town.

We've already started with Wiggleworms, which I'll write about in a separate post, and we're planning some outings to other family destinations in the coming weeks. So check back soon and I will have some more to blog about!