Monday, April 12, 2010

Chicago bars as Kids Concert venues

I'm always looking for fun live music for Mia since she's definitely a not-so-closeted rocker chick, and this past weekend we took her to a concert at Schuba's Tavern. We saw The Verve Pipe - you most likely know one of their big hits, The Freshman - and now they have a kids album, "A Family Album." You can take a listen and see lyrics on their web site, at

This was our second kids' show at Schuba's, and we like it as a kids concert venue because I think it makes the kids really feel like they're at a rock show. Adults too. Plus you can order a Bloody Mary (well, I didn't... but it is possible!) Seating is in short supply, so most families end up sitting on the floor. Don't wear your best clothes. We loved the music - definitely not too "kiddie" sounding, which is what I like. And while Mia loves many of her kids' albums, she's also a fan of latin music, heavy rock, rap and really anything with a strong dance beat. So this was really great, and the band interacted nicely with the kids. You can find more info on the album and listen to clips and read lyrics here:

Tickets for this show were $10 for adults, which is not too bad for a kids show and certainly not so high for a pretty high profile act like this.

Schuba's has some other family shows coming up, and this seems to be the trend lately. On May 22 and 23, it's "School of Rock: The Best of Hendrix" featuring students from the School of Rock Music. On Sunday June 27, it's Human-Tim + Robot-Tim.

Other venues that have been promoting kids shows are Subterranean and Beat Kitchen. These are classic Chicago live music venues, taking advantage of their space and the huge population of kids in Chicago to provide concerts during typically "off" hours.

Some upcoming Subterranean shows include Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans this Saturday at 3pm, and Shana Sings on May 1. Upcoming shows at Beat Kitchen include Laura Doherty at noon this Sunday and Human-Tim + Robot-Tim on April 25.

Check the web sites for full schedules and more information:

Beat Kitchen

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