Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicago kid product inventors

I was so excited today to take part in a segment on ABC 7 news today about Local Inventors. I was invited to participate to talk about my Peek-a-Belly onesies, and I ended up having a great time meeting the other inventors and learning about their products.

Some of the other inventors had invented kids products, and I want to share these great ideas. You can also watch the video clips online for the next day or so on the ABC 7 site, then it will move to YouTube. There is a Part I and Part II (Peek-a-Belly is in Part 2)
Part I:
Part II:§ion=

Ever have kids over to play and lose track of whose cup is whose? Or not be sure which water bottle was yours? Drinkmarx makes it fun and easy for kids and anyone else to keep tabs on their cups and bottles, with a flexible drink mark that attaches easily to almost any drink container. Users can customize and keep track of their markers with fun stickers that come with each the set of 4. Christine Holland of Downers Grove is the inventor behind this fun and very useful product.
Available at

Fairytale Wishes
Is your child afraid of the dark? Homesick at camp? These natural aromatherapy sprays help kids overcome fears with four creative options: lavendar scented Sweet Dreams, Bubblegum Monster Repellent, Super Hero (for courage) and grape-scented Happy Camper. Debbie Glickman of Highland Park, the inventor behind the sprays, was inspired by her own two children as a way to help them overcome their bedtime fears.
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Kidz Calendar
This fun, supercute 12-month calendar makes it easy for families to keep track of the many classes, activities, trips, lessons and other family scheduling events that can often overwhelm moms. 700 stickers let kids have fun decorating the calendar with their many plans and appointments. Inventor Catherine Gouwens of Lemont came up with the idea while facing the challenges of keeping up with her own family schedules.
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And then there's Peek-a-Belly, my invention - the first and only onesie with Belly Access! Available for purchase at

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