Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantasy Kingdom Birthday Party

I can't believe Mia turned 2 last week! I wasn't sure what to do about a party for her - she has a handful of friends that I've met through a meetup play group we're in, and she's really the first to have a birthday in the group. So I didn't really have much firsthand knowledge about how to throw a great party for a 2 year old! More than anything, I just wanted Mia and her friends to have fun.

I've been taking Mia to Fantasy Kingdom for open play, which she loves, so we decided to do a birthday "playdate" there instead of an official "birthday party." (The only difference I think is that I just invited guests to a playdate and said that we didn't need gifts, just a fun time for Mia!)

We did a semi-private party, which meant that we had the party area for ourselves but the play area would be shared with other customers. It was a nice day outside, so there was only one other little boy who showed up. We essentially had the place to ourselves.

Fantasy Kingdom took GREAT care of us. We arrived just a bit early with our birthday cake and goodies, and I didn't have to worry about a thing. Fantasy Kingdom provided a staffer that helped us through the whole day, from setting up all of our food and goodies on the tables, to wrapping everything up for us at the end of the party. I didn't need to worry about a thing, I just had fun celebrating Mia's birthday.

And the kids had a blast.

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