Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kids Science Labs Opens in Lincoln Park

Your budding mad scientist now has a safe place for hands-on experiments! Kids Science Labs has opened in Lincoln Park, in a big, bright space that will inspire the scientifically-minded.

We stopped by for the Grand Opening, and saw each classroom packed with kids mesmerized by science demonstrations and having fun with hands-on activities and experiments. Judging by the interactions we saw, kids are going to love this place!

KSL's hands-on classes for kids aged 2-12 are all based on science that kids understand, because they address practical life experiences with materials and objects that kids encounter everyday. The classes are fun and engaging, and build creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Every class begins with a fundamental question that is asked by kids everyday, and then hands-on science is used as a vehicle for engaging, discovering, and learning through actual experience.

Some sample classes:

  • Rainforest Real Estate: Will children bungle the jungle when faced with the opportunity to build a home in these lush lands? Students will face tough choices about clearing the jungle in order to continue the use of everyday goods we obtain from the rainforest.

  • Jake vs. the Quake: Children meet Jake, an ambitious architect, who will learn a thing or two about the importance of constructing foundations through hands-on fun. But watch out, Jake's home is prone to earthquakes and your child will get to test the importance of a building's foundation and design.

  • Fruit Smashanomics: Fruit mania meets beginning physics in this class that allows children to compare the structure of fruits while exploring gravity, impact, and acceleration in a splat-tastic way!

  • Liquidity Lesson: What is a liquid and how is different from solids? Students will explore everyday household items to understand principles of some common and uncommon liquids.

Intrigued? Try a free class and see if your little scientist gets hooked! Learn more at www.kslchicago.com.

Kids Science Labs
1550 N. Kingsbury (south end of the Whole Foods building)
Chicago 60646
(312) 806-2443

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