Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Justin Roberts New CD Jungle Gym

We're big Justin Roberts fans in our household, and I'm excited to be giving away copies of his new CD, Jungle Gym, as part of our current prize giveaway on ChicagoKids.com.

First, I'll say that my 2 year old daughter Mia is a huge music fan, and listens to anything ranging from kids music to adult music like Rodrigo y Gabriela, Killers, Madonna, New Pornographers, KT Tunstall.. and even some oldies I've dredged up from my past like Newcleus (remember Jam On It?) and other likely embarrasing favorites. I've made an effort to introduce her to all sorts of music, so that I'm not stuck listening to stereotypical kid music all the time.

The music on Jungle Gym appeals to both kids and adults, with the indie feel that Roberts is known for and that adults can enjoy. It's got strong beats that Mia can put many of her different dance moves to. While Mia's too young to appreciate the lyrics of the songs on this CD, I certainly did. It brought up seemingly mundane yet vivid feelings and memories from my own childhood, while also giving me a glimpse into Mia's future. These songs are about the seemingly uneventful things that will some day create lasting memories for Mia, like trick or treating, having a sleepover, getting a haircut, and even getting lost at the mall. I envision Mia relating to these lyrics when she's old enough, and I am sure that older kids will be able to totally identify with these scenarios.

This is the kind of music that we can play all day and not get tired of hearing, and it makes the whole family happy. If you'd like a copy, you can enter to win one at www.chicagokids.com through July 31, or buy it directly from Justin Robert's web site at www.justinroberts.org.

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