Monday, July 26, 2010

Adams Playlot- Big water fun in a small city park

The recent heatwave has sent thousands of Chicago parents to the Water Park page to find some relief from the heat! I also looked for a way to cool off with my daughter Mia, and we headed over to a local water playground that I hadn't yet tried called Adams Playlot, located at 1919 N. Seminary. It's a nice sized park, tucked away in a shady little area of Lincoln Park, and it's a water oasis in the city.

We've got a few water options in our neighborhood (Wicker Park) including some spouting bears at Wicker Park, and a tall bursting water pipe at Dean Park. However, Adams Playlot provided some serious water fun on a day when we really needed it!

The water area was essentially like a large jungle gym with water spouting from a variety of sources, providing different levels of water fun for different kids. Mia was actually a bit afraid of most of the spouting water, but she did enjoy stomping and splashing around in the water puddles and pouring out buckets of water that I filled up for her. Other kids were clearly having a blast, and quite honestly if it had been appropriate, I might have run through some of the water streams and headed down that slide myself.

The rest of the park was also pretty wonderful, providing lots of shade which was much appreciated on a hot day like this. There's also an enormous sand box, which we'll have to try another day, but it's unlike any I'd seen at other city parks I've been to.

For a little park in the city, I was impressed and I definitely plan to head back there again on another hot day. Overall, it is a great option for a hot day in the city!

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