Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cat & Mouse Game Store

I headed over to Cat & Mouse Game Store to find some new things for my daughter Mia to play with. She's 20 months old now, and really starting to develop her own interests, so I was interested in hearing some suggestions. I've been wanting to check out this store for a while, especially since hearing that their specialty is non-electronic games!

I loved the store right away. It's set up nicely, and there's room to browse yet you can see from the games stacking up high that there's a LOT to choose from here. They've got a fantastic selection of puzzles and games, and boast of an expanded collection based on lots of research and customer feedback. There's lots of great games and puzzles for adults too, including some great classic, strategy and fantasy games. The selection for kids Mia's age was not too expansive, but they did have a really nice assortment of things we already love. They have a nice selection of wooden Haba toys and games, and lots of brain-exercising puzzles and toys even for the little tots. We were helped by a very knowledgeable staffer who gave us some suggestions based on Mia's interests. I think in just a few months we'll be able to head back and find a lot more things that she will love.

The store does a game night, but this is more geared toward adults. However there are tables set up and games out to try, so it's a fun place to visit with your kids.

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