Thursday, April 2, 2009

Made in the USA (Chicago): Hoohobbers

I thought I'd heard of all the great kids' stores in town (at the very least those within a 5 block radius of my house), but I found out today that I was wrong! I got wind of a store called Hoohobbers a couple of weeks ago, and today I stopped by to see what it was all about.

Hoohobbers opened a storefront about a year and a half ago at 1657 N. Elston. It's easy to miss - it's in an industrial-looking area with almost no foot traffic, and a small sign that you could easily miss while driving by. The interesting location is because this is where they actually manufacture their products. They've been in business since '81 and sell their merchandise mostly through other retail outlets. You may have seen some of their products in stores like Lazar's and Beautiful Beginnings.

They boast of their reputation for quality and uniqueness, the fact that they've never had any products recalled, and that all their great stuff is made right here in Chicago USA. They make kids' bedding, cribs and Moses baskets, rockers, lamps, ottomans, tables and chairs, baby bags, bibs and more.

Some of the more unusual that items I saw were the adorable soft fabric insulated lunch boxes, funky foldable monogrammed baby director chairs, and gorgeous infant rockers. The rockers are available in dozens of beautiful fabrics, making them appear somehow super soothing and comfortable. They make gorgeous Moses baskets - had I seen these before I committed to my plastic bassinet (which I did love), I might have considered this option!

They can even custom create their products for you using fabric that you choose. I'm thinking I might have them make one of their cute floor lamps for Mia in the extra fabric I have from her curtains!

They're having a sale now, and you can check back on soon for a coupon code that I'll be posting. If you're looking for some really adorable, beautiful, non-gimmicky stuff, check out the store or the web site at

On the web site, use coupon code "ChicagoKids09" for 15% off through April 30.

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