Sunday, October 17, 2010

Curious George: Let's Get Curious! at Kohl Children's Museum

This weekend, Mia got a preview of the Kohl Children's Museum's new exhibit "Curious George: Let's Get Curious!"

Mia knows who Curious George is, but she's still really getting acquainted with him. She has two Curious George books (one that she got after seeing the exhibit) and has seen the tv show just a few times. However, this did not stop her from enjoying this exhibit and apparently falling in love with Curious George! (see pic below!)

The exhibit is intended to inspire young children's George-like curiosity in the areas of math, science and engineering through activities, exploration and play. The exhibit is set in Curious George's neighborhood, so kids can feel like they're really in his world.

They'll see Curious George's apartment building, where they can move George around on pulleys and climb up the fire escape. A construction site allows them to build and move materials. By George's rocket, kids can pose for pictures with George in his space suit. And the park is a nice open area where kids can get up close with Curious George and give him a hug. Mia's a notorious hugger, so she loved this part... and since he's not a real monkey, we didn't give her our usual "two hug limit."

Mia's favorite part of the exhibit was opening up a little yellow door, and seeing her own reflection inside, wearing the Yellow Hat:

The exhibit officially opens this Tuesday, October 19, and runs through February 5, 2011. Find out more on the web site.

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