Monday, September 13, 2010

Spectacle 2010: The Astronaut's Birthday

If you didn’t already know about Redmoon’s totally fantastical productions and performances, we tried to bring you up to speed with our posts about their recent J.O.E. (Joyous Outdoor Event.) And now, the far out fun continues with Spectacle 2010: The Astronaut’s Birthday, created in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Astronaut’s Birthday is a bigger-than-life storybook adventure that you’ll view on the 5-story high façade of the MCA. The outer walls of the MCA have been transformed into a stage for this story, which Redmoon describes as a “collision of science fiction, comic book spectacle performance, wild shadow, silhouette performers and berserk music.” (I couldn’t possibly say it better!)

The actually storyline is about a single astronaut on a mission to save the Earth, and it’s a story delivered like none you’ve ever seen before. The performances take place at 7:30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays through September 26. Tickets are $15 Thursdays and $20 for Friday and Sunday; $10 for kids under 10 and free for kids under 3.

Get tickets HERE, or call the Redmoon Box Office at 312-850-8440 ×111.

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