Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nature's LunchBox - No twinkies here

Just as schools all over Chicago are welcoming kids back to school - and to cafeterias and brown bag lunches - Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is opening a new permanent exhibit, Nature's LunchBox. (Did you notice - PERMANENT exhibit, that's how important this is!)

Nature's LunchBox provides information on food’s life cycle – from the farm to the market to the compost bin – to encourage visitors to think about how their food choices impact the environment.

Kids and parents can learn about where their food comes from, and have fun with hands-on activities like hunting for vegetables, shopping healthy at the "Supermarket," and sniffing out healthy foods. Parents can get ideas for healthy lunches that they can put into practice at home.

Bottom line - packing a healthy lunch for your kids can be quick, and delicious!

It's sponsored by Dominick's - and I admit I'm not quite sure which came first, the sponsor or the exhibit - but it's a worthwhile activity if you walk away with some tips that will make your kids' lunches easier and healthier.

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