Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jammin at Old Town School

I'm a big fan of Old Town School's Wiggleworms, and decided to check out this past Sunday's Teddy Bear Hootenanny. This was a "pajama party rock show," featuring Old Town performers including Mia's past Wiggleworms instructor Rob Newhouse, who she loved.

We'd never been to a concert here and I had no idea what to expect. We ended up having a blast! The concert hall is small enough that every seat is a great seat. It's set up with benches, and there's also an upstairs balcony that we didn't have the chance to check out. The show was great, and most of the songs were in keeping with the Teddy Bear theme. Mia had danced and acted out all the Wiggleworms songs in her class, and I'd always believed that this was because she was familiar with the songs, from our CDs at home and from being in class. However, at this concert most of the songs were new to Mia, yet she still jumped and danced the entire time. She was enthralled! (measure of excitement: an unheard of 3 hour nap after the show)

This was a great show and a great venue. We got our will call tickets easily, got in and found seats with no problem, and exited without any kind of toddler stampede. We're planning to attend some of the other upcoming shows - they have some popular kids performers coming up like Justin Roberts and Ralph's World. You can get more information on their web site at http://www.oldtownschool.org. The concerts take place at the Lincoln Square location at 4544 N. Lincoln, Chicago.

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